Dealings [noun]

Definition of Dealings:

business relations

Synonyms of Dealings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dealings:


Sentence/Example of Dealings:

The same outpourings of affection are seen in the dealings of children with their toy babies and animals.

Very charmingly is this respect for rule exhibited in all dealings with animals, also dolls and other pets.

War credit banks were more general in their dealings than war loan banks.

He was also very popular with all the people because he was always strictly honest and just in all his dealings with them.

They demanded money, and were as grasping and cunning in their dealings as the most civilized Europeans.

"I haven't seen you since I came here, Mr. Courthorne, and now you remind me of another man I once had dealings with," he said.

Had some dealings with Felix Phellion, whom he tried to convert to his religious belief.

In 1824 a Marquise de Beauseant, then rather old, is found to have dealings with the Chaulieus.

His dealings with the Continental princes, mainly in regard to shipping and commerce, were conciliatory and businesslike.

He had dealings with the Guillaumes, clothing merchants, rue Saint-Denis.