Dear [adjective]

Definition of Dear:

beloved, favorite

Synonyms of Dear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dear:

Sentence/Example of Dear:

We can still value the fact that, for many years, this person was a dear friend.

Finding the right college you can afford, dear reader, is within your grasp.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear father, Captain Sir Tom Moore.

JoAnn Fields watched the funerals of two dear friends and leaders in the Filipino community in the last week of January.

Many minutes are spent explaining to dear Aunt Helen how to unmute, telling Uncle Bob that we can't see his head, or asking a cousin to move the yapping puppy farther from the microphone.

Trust me, dear, I know Paree,You’ll fall for their espritAs round you they will hover.

Every day I lived with the terror of losing someone dear to me, my baby.

As several dear readers have pointed out, however, this author missed a clear reference to Lady Whistledown eventually charging for her gossip sheet.

It was a robbery of the dearest rights of an American citizen.

On the one side is the human mind, the source of every story, theory, and explanation that our species holds dear.