Dearie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dearie:

Im not after understandin your words exactly, dearie, but the meanins clear an its right yez are.

Now, dhry yer eyes, dearie, an' thry to be cheerful like 'fore the girls be comin' home.

"Tell me your dreams, dearie," replied the maid taking the little hand and holding it gently in both her own.

"It is too soon to despair, dearie," said Aunt Zélie, as Bess looked ready to cry.

You've always your old father, you know—haven't you, dearie?

Ay, dearie; but you'd be lonely, and it's bad to be lonely when you're young.

I know you didn't, dearie; but you surely know that you're not allowed out alone at night.

“Now you kin come out, dearie,” said Lilly, turning to the coffee-hole on recovering composure.

"Presently, dearie, but you must drink your tea and eat this little bit of scone first," Mrs. Ross said.

Don't forget your Masha; you won't find such another sweetheart, and I won't forget you, my dearie; but our life together's over!'