Deathlike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deathlike:

He disliked the audible yawn with which Cash manifested his return from the deathlike unconsciousness of sleep.

During this deathlike preparation, Mr. Wharton, with a feeling nearly allied to that of his son, led Sarah from the apartment.

A deathlike coldness was creeping over him, was laying an icy hand upon his heart.

Suddenly from the deathlike stillness of the forest there comes a shriek, followed by sounds of commotion.

On the morning of the ninth day, Peggy sunk into a deathlike stupor.

There was, after this accusation, so energetically pronounced by the young girl, some minutes of deathlike silence in the tent.

"Please state what you know about this case," he said, and again the audience waited in deathlike stillness.

The silence of the place was something blood-chilling; not the squeak of a mouse relieved its deathlike quiet.

They are about to exchange their state of vigour and activity for a long period of deathlike sleep.

The wind was in that direction in which, aided by the deathlike repose of nature, it brought to me the murmur of the water-fall.