Deathly [adjective]

Definition of Deathly:

suggesting end of life

Synonyms of Deathly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deathly:

Sentence/Example of Deathly:

“The streets were deathly quiet as the horses pulled Lincoln’s car, hearse-like, through the dark streets,” Widmer wrote.

She bent forward, her chin resting upon her breast, and gradually the deathly sickness passed.

Deathly pale, the teacher took a step toward the window, but hastily turned, and dashed from the room.

Lying there, with hollow cheeks, eyes closed and lips deathly pale, it seemed as if the spirit had already fled.

I felt deathly sick, physically sick, fearing she was marked for death, fearing she was reserved for worse than death.

And she raised her proud head higher, and looked about her and deep down with deathly eyes.

His face had sunk and wore a deathly pallor; the thick, black hair was thin and grey.

Instantly, as ever, her quick mind grasped the meaning that lay back of the words and her face grew deathly white.

At last she raised her head and showed the deathly color of her face.

Then a silence fell, deathly, like the lifeless silence of a grave.