Debatable [adjective]

Definition of Debatable:


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Sentence/Example of Debatable:

It’s debatable how strongly a culture of social conformism can impact technological innovation, and of course there can be exceptions.

It’s debatable, of course, just how much Fox News can do at this point to stop that madness that it has spent decades nursing.

It’s debatable whether the on-field results would have been much different.

They took over at the New Orleans 21-yard line and were handed a first down at the 1 on a debatable pass interference call against the Saints in the end zone.

In the audiobook “Fauci,” veteran journalist Michael Specter does not soar over the bar, and it is debatable whether his work can best be termed a biography, though it contains many biographical elements.

Four days since Baron Gaston went upon the debatable land to lay a hound; with him only Gaspar, the huntsman.

Tergawar has always been a land of war, even when it was not a debatable land between Turkey and Persia.

The debatable question is, was the "demon," or the actual expanse of sky, first in evolution?

And they are great on 'Salix;' and have a good many quarrels over that and other debatable subjects too.

Whether Russia is a place to go is another of those debatable questions and I feel that the same conclusion holds good.