Debated [verb]

Definition of Debated:

argue, discuss

Opposite/Antonyms of Debated:

Sentence/Example of Debated:

In October, several Fox News hosts had to quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus on a flight returning from a presidential debate in Nashville.

So, there’s some debate as to whether these e-cigarette ads could lead to an increase in sales of tobacco cigarettes.

The company said that over the past few months it has sent out Calming messages and breathing exercises at high-stress moments, including during the presidential debates.

The rise in AI’s popularity also has triggered a debate, Brown says.

The move will raise new questions about the future of the legislature, perhaps the most high-profile platform for open debate left under Beijing’s rule.

News coverage of the fatal shooting called new attention to the ongoing debate in journalism over when to include race as a relevant detail, especially in headlines.

While officials claim that the wolf has met recovery criteria under the ESA, their actual status is up for debate.

Diaz-Torres, 29, is a former teacher who said she would bring needed first-person experience to board debates.

Jim Gerber, an economics professor at SDSU, said this debate is not one about individual liberties.

It doesn’t take much work to figure out what’s going on or anything, but generally speaking the debate and the maneuvering all takes place behind closed doors.