Debauchery [noun]

Definition of Debauchery:

immoral self-indulgence

Opposite/Antonyms of Debauchery:

Sentence/Example of Debauchery:

All this was set down to the debauchery of a rich old man, and everything was believed except the truth.

The man was perfectly sincere, and many a rough fellow owed his conversion from drink and debauchery to 'Appy 'Arry.

Futteh Khan, in fact, governed the kingdom under the designation of vizier, while Mahmood abandoned himself to debauchery.

In his early years he dissipated almost all his patrimony in libertinism and debauchery.

She said that she had been persecuted by John Bates, then sinking into debauchery, and that your brother had protected her.

Facing this light from animal habits, debauchery loses all character and all its tang, because it loses all immorality.

If for him debauchery had powerful attractions, he applied himself with no less ardour to labour and affairs.

Gambling, debauchery, all sorts of vice are familiar to him, and he has the art to conceal his shocking passions.

I knew that they were corroded with vice and sunk deep in debauchery, in which they lived contented.

Debauchery has been compelled to retreat to lurking holes and corners, instead of obtruding its "horrid front" to the public gaze.