Debited [adjective]

Definition of Debited:

bought but not paid for

Synonyms of Debited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debited:


Sentence/Example of Debited:

To be debited to the account of M. H. Said we would have nothing to do with it without more knowledge of our principal.

The Adventurers debited him with a large sum, which ought to have been and was afterwards charged to the purser.

Till lately this was not paid out of the Post-office moneys, and the Post-office revenue was not debited with the amount.

When tools are destroyed a record is made showing date and value, and the balance on hand is debited in the last column.

This, and all other sums furnished him, to be debited to the Algerine fund.

Every account of these persons will, of course, be debited in particular accounts, for the respective sums so credited.

Of those that are found to agree, each company is debited or credited, as the case may be, with the proportion due to or by it.

Even a penny is deemed worthy of being debited to one company and credited to another!

The fees in connection with this are debited to the husband.

This we kept, and the boat was debited with the amount on the company's books.