Debunk [verb]

Definition of Debunk:

disprove, ridicule

Synonyms of Debunk:

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Sentence/Example of Debunk:

Local news broadcaster Tegna plans to roll out its fact-checking and debunking vertical, Verify, into a standalone brand by this summer, and draw on local expertise among the 49 newsrooms across the country it serves.

This year, we felt it was necessary to take it one step further and give readers their own tools to debunk false and misleading visuals.

The anti-vaccine protest that temporarily cut off access to a mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium was organized on Facebook through a page that promotes debunked claims about the coronavirus pandemic, masks and immunization.

“Some of the original forecasts from the IHME group were using a method that had been thoroughly debunked before I probably was even born,” Scarpino said.

The post was deleted because LG brutally debunked the report, calling it "completely false and without merit."

Then the election happened and he lost, and one could track in real-time how his claims evolved and were debunked — and how each claim was added to the pile of unicorn drawings as evidence that something occurred.

Last month, for instance, Fox News aired a striking segment debunking misinformation about election software company Smartmatic, after the firm sent a 20-page legal demand letter.

His statement likely traced back to a loosely-sourced, and now-deleted Washington Times article containing a claim that was later thoroughly debunked.

The rumor was false, and debunked repeatedly—not least by the words and actions of the MAGA personalities who were leading the charge in front of a live audience.

The failure of social media platforms to prevent the spread of anti-LGBTQ disinformation also comes as conservatives allege bias against right-wing content, especially on Facebook, which Media Matters has extensively and repeatedly debunked.