Decadent [adjective]

Definition of Decadent:

corrupt, self-indulgent

Synonyms of Decadent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decadent:

Sentence/Example of Decadent:

While the more than $10 per ounce price tag makes this steak beyond decadent, I’ve tested Holy Grail’s premium Wagyu and don’t doubt that this will be the best steak my father has ever eaten.

Buttery and chewy, rich and decadent is how I describe this classic Philippine dessert.

This Hanukkah, we will skip the decadent accoutrements, as they feel wrong against the backdrop of such a difficult year.

Hip-hop and R&B stars like Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and SWV singer Coko often wore decadent nails in their music videos.

With more control over your oil use, sprayers are not just a decadent tool—they can help you stick to a healthier diet, and make your food taste better.

He was that rare thing in a new land, a decadent, a connoisseur in vice, a lover of opiates and of liquor.

You must read your Latin authors well, for, since you must be decadent, it is better to decay from a good source.

We still seem to detect the influence of a decadent, late Magdalenian style of ornament.

Here he became a friend of Grard de Nerval, who was of such influence on the later decadent school.

This prince of the seventeenth century was the beau-ideal decadent that many modern novelists have delighted to depict.