Decanter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Decanter:

The next day he was all right again; but he did not dare ask for the decanter; it was gone, and it never reappeared.

He knew already that there were two doors to the saloon, and his fingers closed on the neck of a decanter.

The nightcap is generally the little whisky left in the decanter; to do it honour, it is taken neat.

The decanter reflects in miniature on its polished sides the trees around it and the women that pass by and the skies.

Losch peered sharply and then pulled away, almost upsetting an expensive decanter of liquor on the table beside him.

Without an instant's hesitation, he caught up the decanter which stood by his side and flung it in his host's face.

A moment later a maid placed on the table beside the checkerboard a tray, with a decanter and glasses, and a pitcher of water.

"Certainly," said I, cheerfully passing the decanter, but he did not appear overpleased with the attention.

The decanter of whiskey and glasses were still invitingly there.

Opens door of safe L., and discovers cupboard, decanter, and glasses.