Deceased [adjective]

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Officials are withholding the identity of the deceased, pending the notification of family.

“The Medium” follows Marianne, a young woman grappling with the loss of her recently deceased father.

The primary cause of death was hypothermia—temperatures would have been well below zero degrees Fahrenheit the night they fled—but two of the deceased were missing their eyes, and another her tongue.

Grieving in animals is a rich suite of behaviors, though, expressed differently by different individuals depending on their personalities and on their relationships with the deceased.

But, when you sustain such a significant loss which only you fully know because only you and the deceased shared that one fragile umbilical cord, it is hard to imagine that in time the wound will heal or know how to answer how you’re holding up.

Portugal said her dad is deceased, and her mother has no interest in a lawsuit.

Of the roughly half a million Americans who depend on dialysis, less than 14% have made it onto a waitlist for a transplant from a deceased donor.

Raffensperger alleged the New Georgia Project, America Votes, and Vote forward attempted to register voters who were deceased or out of state.

These moves have opened the floodgates to criminals who use what appear to be payments to 90-year-old bricklayers, 12-year-old barbers, and incarcerated and deceased people to commit fraud on a massive scale.

Her husband was now deceased, but she still felt pretty comfortable that she was going to be able to get by.