Deceiver [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deceiver:

They sacked Allen seven times, including one from Dunlap, but that number is deceiving.

Their bodies do not deceive, even if they sometimes cajole or trick us.

Six months later, the board again suspended Letourneau when a ninth client came forward and more details emerged on how his legal assistant “actively deceived” clients and Letourneau.

Prosecutors allege the men deceived donors by using Kolfage’s public persona and his pledge not to take a dime in salary.

He denied deceiving her by claiming the governor would be at the meeting too.

The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Intuit and its marketing of TurboTax products, following ProPublica’s reporting that the Silicon Valley company deceived tax filers into paying when they could have filed for free.

And falling on his knees before the settle he began to pour forth the most dreadful curses on the head of his deceiver.

A lovely girl was once drugged by her deceiver and left to bear her shame alone.

According to these words Ezekiel was either an out-and-out deceiver, a wicked man, or, he was a clairvoyant.

Falling into the pose with consummate art of the practiced deceiver, she really made an attractive study.