Deceleration [noun]

Definition of Deceleration:

slacking off; gradual decrease

Synonyms of Deceleration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceleration:

Sentence/Example of Deceleration:

The decelerating subscriber losses suggests that the cord-cutting trend may be beginning to bottom out.

The decelerating gains were the lowest payroll numbers ADP has reported since the summer.

Stay-at-home orders decelerated that rise in late March, but only briefly.

As the men decelerated, Rupp, less than half a second behind Farah, screamed “Moooo!”

At that point, the virus will still spread, but at a decelerating rate until it stops completely.

Allowing for deceleration, three successive predictions of its landing point agreed.

It would add to the plausibility of reported deceleration, though, and would arouse acute suspicion.

The deceleration pressed them so tightly to the nose of the ship that they could hardly breathe.

Anyway, after Lynds completed six orbital revolutions, they began the deceleration and descent.

Spin deceleration will take effect in three minutes; and we are counting on my mark towards deceleration.