Decent [adjective]

Definition of Decent:

respectable, appropriate

Opposite/Antonyms of Decent:

Sentence/Example of Decent:

One rice cake lover suggested to the Chicago Tribune that rice cakes topped with beans were better than tacos, a statement that suggests that person had never had a decent taco.

Any person who can still support this man is not a decent human being, period.

Only after the migrants settled and had years to claw back a decent life did some towns bounce back stronger.

In a series where Miami was comfortable letting anyone other than Giannis do that, it would have mattered a decent amount, I’d think.

The 11-megapixel shooter is decent enough for selfies, but taking a regular picture requires folding the Surface Duo with both screens facing out, and correctly pointing the side with the camera at the desired subject.

“We have to establish that housing is a human right because without stable housing, you have no fighting chance at a decent life,” Torres said.

When investors don’t see any decent returns in anything but growth, the herd mentality takes hold.

There are some affordable hosting options that do offer decent site speed, but often the cheap, cost-saving hosting services come with slow page load speeds.

New York’s coyotes “still have decent levels of genetic diversity,” says DeCandia.

Legroom and headroom are decent, though cargo space is limited.