Decently [adverb]

Definition of Decently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Decently:

Sentence/Example of Decently:

If you’ve let yourself go and haven’t touched the bike for a while, 20 miles is still eminently manageable, and a few rides at that length will get you back into decent shape.

Halfway through the 2020 NFL season, we have a decent idea about who the best and worst teams are — even if most of this year’s contenders have flaws that could keep them from reaching their full potential in the playoffs.

The game is best served as a decent foundation for the next few games.

The camera takes decent photos and more impressive 4K videos.

Garrett Gilbert had some decent moments as he succeeded Dak Prescott, Andy Dalton and Ben DiNucci as the starting QB.

That’s to say there is no shortage of veteran starters who, like Ray, may hunt a one-year deal with a decent-sized salary.

Besides this downside, it remains a decent stretch of weather for outdoor activities.

Going into election night, the teams had a decent sense of how many people had voted by mail and in person, and might be able to use polling to figure out whom those people voted for.

There’s already a decent amount of misinformation out there about poll watchers, but experts are worried about the effect those recruited by the Republican Party to watch for “fraud” could have on minority voters in Democratic-leaning districts.

“Anywhere, if the pay’s decent, people will come,” Assemblyman Jim Cooper said.