Deceptive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deceptive:

Allegations include that Nikola staged a 2018 video of its signature hydrogen fuel-cell truck driving, and that it has made deceptive claims about its battery development efforts after the failure of an acquisition deal.

A new report claims that zero-emissions vehicle startup Nikola Motor has made a series of deceptive public statements and representations about its technology and business.

To start, it is vague on the matter of what’s considered fake news, which it describes as false or deceptive content shared with the potential to cause individual or collective harm.

The FTC probe, run out of the commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, centers on whether Intuit violated the law against unfair and deceptive practices in commerce.

The audit comes after a series of stories by Voice of San Diego revealed mismanagement and deceptive practices within the district.

Without the former quality, knowledge of the past is uninstructive; without the latter, it is deceptive.

All passions are deceptive; they conceal themselves as much as possible from others and from themselves as well.

Below him for a hundred and fifty feet the gravel was of the same hard, deceptive consistency.

The boys now realized how deceptive wind and water viewed from a distance always are.

"Sure," grinned Stanton, with all the deceptive, undauntable optimism of the Just-Awakened.