Decidedly [adverb]

Definition of Decidedly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Decidedly:

Sentence/Example of Decidedly:

Ned reached home about breakfast time, and "fetched up" at the back door, with a decidedly guilty countenance.

The party at Walls End Castle, though its elements were decidedly heterogeneous, was a success.

But there was something about the chilly expression in her eyes that made Delancy feel decidedly uncomfortable.

It was a little on one side and gave the good clergyman a decidedly rakish appearance.

If you have a reason for declining to play, do so decidedly when first invited, and do not change your decision.

We were decidedly ahead of the season at Harrogate, and there were but few people at the splendid hotel where we stopped.

Lady Selina was decidedly talented, very benevolent, unusually grave and serious, and extremely graceful.

The Girondists found themselves, at the close of the struggle, defeated, yet not so decidedly but that they still clung to hope.

In all kinds of deception the Chinese are great adepts, and decidedly more than a match for any Europeans.

The figures seemed to me very clumsy; the architecture, however, is decidedly superior.