Deciding [adjective]

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Before definitely deciding to give up Kullak and come to him, Deppe insisted that I should hear one of his scholars play.

She turned him down; and at the last moment he upset our plans by deciding to cut loose and go with us.

There was an amusing incident in connection with deciding upon the pitch of the instrument.

I am afraid the girls here will not interest you; only you should have the opportunity of deciding that question for yourself.

The commissioner of patents must make an examination for the purpose of deciding whether a patent may be granted or allowed.

One of the twins, deciding to play "savages," had pounced upon the ink bottle as a means of making the play more realistic!

For a few seconds he held an unfinished note in his hand examining it, and deciding that the imitation was most perfect.

Mme. Baudoyer undertook his education, deciding he would do for a son-in-law.

The address of Mr. O'Connell aided very much in deciding the question against the government.

Her face was pretty, Anson decided, but it was obvious that the man would be the deciding factor in this sale.