Decimal [adjective]

Definition of Decimal:

having ten of something

Synonyms of Decimal:

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Sentence/Example of Decimal:

If you were trying to encode Pi with a 64-bit computer, you could stretch it out to 4 times as many decimal places as a 32-bit computer.

The trick here is to linearly scale our list of numbers, so 0 becomes -8 and 1 becomes 7, and the decimals map to the integers in the middle.

However, you’re having trouble creating a narrative around all the numbers and decimals and demographics.

The first decimal trituration was given in doses of two grains gradually increased to ten grains every two hours.

All saw timber is scaled by the Scribner Decimal C log rule.

These are made in different patterns, having either decimal divisions or the vulgar fractions.

The dropping of terminal decimals makes a small decimal difference in the result in the different formulas.

For convenience the metrical table is given, showing lengths in feet and inches, in which only three decimal points are used.

In its application to human society, however, the decimal system finally prevailed.

In two distinct directions does the decimal system prove readily applicable.