Decimated [verb]

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“Afterland,” by Lauren BeukesAfter a pandemic nearly decimates the world’s male population, a mother and son go on the run in a hot-wired car, fleeing a government that wants to imprison them and a relative set on exploiting them.

While the coronavirus has decimated the aviation industry, it may also serve to drown out media scrutiny of the Max’s return, said Spud Hilton, a former travel editor at the San Francisco Chronicle.

That business ground to a halt in the second quarter, as the pandemic decimated its biggest clients, travel and tourism companies.

In its most recent quarter, despite a pandemic that decimated most clothing sales, revenue rose 2% year-over-year as consumers have continued to snap up its pricey wares.

The travel industry has been decimated by the pandemic, as governments worldwide implement strict lockdown measures to prevent contagion.

The International Air Transport Association is working to set up a testing system that will replace compulsory quarantine to help revive the airline industry that’s been decimated by the coronavirus outbreak.

Plenty of businesses have seen the pandemic decimate their prospects as entire industries shut down, or customers pare back.

According to the geographic record, Taiwan is a place defined by its many disruptions and faults, with natural forces such as quakes, landslides, and typhoons routinely decimating landscapes and rewriting them anew.

Global airlines are pushing for widespread coronavirus testing as an alternative to quarantine measures and other travel restrictions that have dampened passenger demand and decimated the industry.

As the human population expands, we are going to have to find better ways to feed ourselves without further decimating the environment.