Decimation [noun]

Definition of Decimation:

killing of many

Synonyms of Decimation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decimation:


Sentence/Example of Decimation:

As this pandemic continues to decimate the livelihoods of countless independent musicians, Swift has sold more albums inside this calendar year than anyone else on Earth.

With the pandemic decimating ridership and fare revenue, the agency is looking to cut one-quarter of its $2 billion in annual operating expenses from next year’s budget.

From coast to coast, transit agencies are planning for layoffs and pared-down service as the coronavirus pandemic decimates budgets and a federal stimulus package remains stalled in Congress.

In the past six months, companies ranging from Uber to NBCUniversal to Boeing have laid off employees, as industry after industry has been decimated.

Free sampling — an age-old marketing tactic — has been decimated by store closures and lockdown mandates from coronavirus.

The Shirt-tail battalion and the bluegrass battalion stood in peril of decimation in their maiden engagement.

The Texans in their escape and conflicts had lost five men, and Santa Anna demanded the decimation of the rest.

It is only because of the large families that they rear, that they are able to withstand this yearly decimation of their ranks.

We should not be surprised if at least one part of the mysterious decimation turned out to be an early act of beneficial hidation.

Sometimes the inroads of tigers cause the abandonment of an entire village, the natives preferring exile to gradual decimation.