Decipherable [adjective]

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Both types of systems seem to converge on the same computational solutions, which may mean that deep networks could be increasingly useful tools for deciphering the brain’s secrets.

In simpler terms, it can help Google to decipher the context of words in a search query.

Yet the ease of sharing and reposting such content has made it harder to decipher what can be trusted.

As the committee meets to decipher a season in which Clemson lost at Notre Dame in double overtime with Lawrence absent because of a positive test, the need for the committee to hire a sommelier — a masked one, of course — seems ever more aching.

In a visual memory challenge that required 100 tasks, the algorithm was able to keep its previous memories while deciphering new images.

The company says its technology picks up 90 percent of all gunshots within one minute and can decipher the location of those shots within 25 meters.

Rather, it’s deciphering the neural code—knowing what to stimulate, in what order, to produce what behavior.

On the walls are still decipherable Scriptural texts in black letter.

The first page is entirely gone, and the second page so erased and torn that it is only decipherable here and there.

The decipherable part of the inscription tells us that he was a scribe, highly placed, and in great favour with the king.