Decisiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Decisiveness:

They acted in a civil, as I’ve already said, but a decisive and professional manner.

A few weeks later, the city’s Republican mayor took a rare trip to the Metropolitan Transit System to cast the decisive vote that made her the agency’s chair.

For that reason, only a small group of leading companies had taken decisive action before the pandemic hit.

In May, the International Red Cross and representatives of other groups called for “the world’s governments to take immediate and decisive action to prevent and stop cyberattacks” against the health sector.

With a need for private and public partners to take decisive action, create long-term solutions, and safeguard families for both the present and the future.

The early look at the ongoing trial provides a decisive initial glimpse of the real-world performance of one of the four coronavirus vaccines in the last stages of testing in the United States.

New Council members will be advised to try not to be a swing vote in the race but to join with another colleague who is on the fence to make it more decisive and avoid fallout.

The lack of more decisive winning margins is also a point for concern.

Turner’s decisive victory Tuesday night came as no surprise in the solidly blue 88th state House district, which covers a diverse, growing part of Oklahoma City.

Sara Jacobs pulled off a decisive victory over Georgette Gómez in the 53rd Congressional District, the seat Susan Davis is retiring from.