Deckhouse [noun]

Definition of Deckhouse:

tiny house; lodging

Synonyms of Deckhouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deckhouse:


Sentence/Example of Deckhouse:

One end of the deckhouse of the Nassau was occupied by a pensioner of Fulton's, who sold candies and cakes.

Up on top of the deckhouse, hidden among the ventilators and smokestacks, two men gloomily watched the gay scene below.

They stopped at the entrance to the galley, which was in a caboose or deckhouse.

Suddenly from the entrance of the deckhouse ran a hatless figure.

Somewhat at a loss what to do, the boys paused in the shadow of a deckhouse.

It will be remembered that Harriet was unable to see over the deckhouse from where she stood when guiding the craft.

The captain greeted his marauders upon their return and stood leaning against the deckhouse sunning himself.

"This way," said the sailor, leading her towards the deckhouse where a light burned dimly behind red curtains.

A green snake lived with us several weeks, concealing himself behind the casing of the deckhouse in the daytime.

I stowed away the eggs in a matchbox with some sand, and left it open on the table of the deckhouse on board.