Declamation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Declamation:

The vociferous tones pierce my ears, and my heart bleeds at his meaningless declamation.

Amplification, declamation, and exaggeration were at all times the faults of the Greeks, excepting Demosthenes and Aristotle.

Cobden did the reasoning, Bright supplied the declamation, but like Demosthenes he mingled argument with appeal.

Mr. Bowman looked at me sharply for a moment, and then passed in a flash from solemn sympathy to impassioned declamation.

But this is a piece of simple and vigorous declamation; very fine, no doubt but rather rhetoric than poetry.

But his vehement and abusive style of declamation could not in debate be compared with the calm reasoning of Castlereagh.

Moreover, Hotep had spoken throughout with a fervent declamation.

Her eyes had opened somewhat, as I had delivered myself of the above rather lame declamation.

Roused from his reverie by this quaint and unexpected declamation, Philip turned his quick glance at his neighbour.

It is against human nature, and no amount of wonderful declamation or scenic magnificence can gloss it over.