Declamatory [adjective]

Definition of Declamatory:


Synonyms of Declamatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Declamatory:


Sentence/Example of Declamatory:

Another may not be wrong in his facts, but have a declamatory or sophistical vein in him, much to be guarded against.

The simple old folk songs often suggested them and his style, like that of Wagner, is often declamatory.

His delivery was far from animated, and his intonation was rather conversational than declamatory.

He has run himself into his old declamatory way, and almost forgotten that he was now setting up for a moral poet.

He had never made a speech in his life, and had no sort of confidence in his declamatory powers.

Wagner himself never surpassed the declamatory passage of the pope's curse.

I spoke in a declamatory manner for a long time, and one of them addressed some broken English to me.

Fox, in his declamatory bursts, was superior to every speaker whom I have ever heard.

They were not pretty, not declamatory; but noble, grand, strong.

On Tuesday a declamatory contest was given by the young women of the normal department.