Declined [verb]

Definition of Declined:

say no

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Sentence/Example of Declined:

It’s just the latest in a bumper year of piracy for the region, reversing what had been a decline in global piracy.

Less than a month after the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy in February, the coronavirus pandemic closed schools and halted many in-person Scouting programs, weakening membership that was already on the decline.

The biggest decline was in the transportation sector, which fell by 14%, the report found.

This will see two new carbon capture and storage “clusters” built by the middle of this decade, helping to support 50,000 jobs, potentially in parts of northeastern England where heavy industry has been in decline.

Publishers have to build for scarcity, whether it comes in the near term via the pandemic and its economic consequences extending into 2021, or further down the line as one revenue stream or another faces erosion and decline.

She was part of a team that looked at how a decline in ice in the Arctic Ocean might affect ice melting half a world away — on South Asia’s Tibetan Plateau.

Restaurants, facing a huge decline in dining, have successfully asked cities to cap fees on third-party delivery providers.

This is not a decline of the creative agency, but a way of bolstering it with tough medicine.

The profit decline at NBCU’s cable networks is notable because the conglomerate is reportedly considering culling its cable TV network portfolio, according to the Wall Street Journal.

ESPN has faced various head winds in recent years, mainly the decline in cable subscribers.