Decomposable [adjective]

Definition of Decomposable:

liable to spoil, rot

Synonyms of Decomposable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decomposable:

Sentence/Example of Decomposable:

It’s just your place that you can decompose for 15 years or 30 years.

Microbes normally use the enzyme, called leaf-branch compost cutinase, to decompose the waxy coating on plant leaves.

Food scraps don’t decompose as fast as you thinkMost people know that food scraps are biodegradable.

So yes, even that apple core or spilled noodles that will decompose in a month or two are problematic.

Finding ancient preserved sperm is rare, as soft tissues often decompose.

Manifestly decomposable states of consciousness cannot exist before the states of consciousness out of which they are composed.

Small, white, acid, permanent needles; not decomposable by water.

Why reason on a polygon, for instance, which is always decomposable into triangles, and not on the elementary triangles?

Carbon dioxide, recognized by turning lime-water milky, indicates decomposable carbonates or oxalates.

Cyanogen and hydrocyanic acid, recognizable by their odour, indicate decomposable cyanides.