Decontamination [noun]

Definition of Decontamination:


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Sentence/Example of Decontamination:

He didn't know what was meant by full decontamination procedure.

He went through the radiation trap to the decontamination chamber to wash off whatever it was he had picked up.

He wandered around the decontamination room, looking at everything, hoping he might see something that would give him a clue.

Some of the first, heavily loaded, were lifted to emptiness again and the process of decontamination of their hulls began.

Inside the decontamination chamber, the Planeteers took off their masks and faced Rip with admiring grins.

They passed through the decontamination shield and into the city.

Decontamination jets hissed, sluicing the ship to remove surface contamination.

Moments later the creature stepped out of the decontamination chamber.

Tiger demanded as the technicians started unloading decontamination gear into the lock.

Decontamination squads with fire bombs were shown as they sought to cleanse Euclid Avenue of its infected dead.