Decorated [verb]

Definition of Decorated:

beautify, embellish

Synonyms of Decorated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decorated:

Sentence/Example of Decorated:

Might well be the most decorated QB matchup in playoff history.

In the parish churches, many of which are of great interest, the predominant styles are Decorated and Perpendicular.

It is a lofty and richly-decorated pile of the fourteenth century; and tells of the labours and the wealth of a foreign land.

A reproduction of Mrs. Charmington herself decorated the interior of the omnibuses.

Many of the officials had on high-crowned hats decorated with bunches of feathers and crimson tassels.

The Turks (especially those of the lower orders) use a kind of clay pipe made of red earth decorated with gilding.

The snuff-boxes of this period were very elegant and were decorated with elaborate paintings or set with gems.

There were books to the ceiling, easy-chairs, the photographs of friends that had decorated his rooms in London and Capheaton.

The figures, besides being outlined by the dots, were decorated all over with the same pigment in dotted transverse belts.

“Buffalo Bill” hats, decorated p. 174with the Royal colours or with green ribbon streamers, distinguished them from others.