Decoration [noun]

Definition of Decoration:

beautification, embellishment

Synonyms of Decoration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decoration:

Sentence/Example of Decoration:

Essentially the state is hoping that current uniforms and stadium decorations will be retired in the coming years.

Participants are encouraged to use their creativity to display their pride with lively banners, flags, costumes, and decorations!

This cotton rope woven hamper can double as pure home decoration.

By contrast, the foxes, snakes, and scorpions of Göbekli Tepe are reduced to smaller attributes or decorations on those huge anthropomorphic pillars.

Their uniform was comprised of a specific color, form, and had specific decorations that showcased their master’s coat of arms or initials.

I had no idea who they were, as the Grand Duke was in morning costume, and had no star or decoration to distinguish him.

I wanted very much to get this brave fellow a decoration but we were never able to trace him.

The house would please her she would enjoy messing about with the decoration, she was very artistic!

In 1840, to please Mme. Colleville, her friend, she tried to obtain a decoration for Thuillier.

These are very elaborately moulded, the outer sides being ornamented with chevron decoration.