Decorative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Decorative:

That, of course, makes for an expensive endeavor, but “the tile becomes an interesting decorative layer in the room,” Ridder says.

A week later, I’d constructed a ten-by-six-foot L-shaped structure, bracketed by three posts crowned with old wood corbels—decorative supports—that I found in the junk pile.

Plants add a beautiful, elegant, and relaxing look to your home or office, and a festive decorative look to parties and gatherings.

These large, eye-catching, and decorative pieces will accentuate your space whilst educating and entertaining you and your guests.

The smaller, squatter size and decorative style make this a great option for small offices, or work-from-home spaces.

The painter breakfasting at the next table is hard at work on a decorative panel for a ceiling.

All decorative painting, carving, and inlaying is done by them; in short, they excel in all ingenious mechanical arts.

Over the wall was spread a coating of fine marble stucco for decorative purposes, which gave it a finish of dazzling white.

There is considerable decorative skill displayed in the edifice; but the work looks opaque and needs brightening up.

Silver, even, is less common in heavy decorative metal work than is solid gold.