Decreasing [verb]

Definition of Decreasing:

grow less or make less

Synonyms of Decreasing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decreasing:

Sentence/Example of Decreasing:

That things like miniaturization and decreasing costs have democratized the ability of individuals or rogue nations to create harm on powerful countries.

White wool—Knit a row, decreasing it by taking the first two stitches together, and the last two.

Although fishermen outnumber foresters at the present time, the number of fishermen has been decreasing.

Only Jean knew, or ever knew, just how much of Henri's steadily decreasing funds went to that buying.

In less than a quarter of an hour, her masts and sails formed only a white obelisk, gradually decreasing against the horizon.

Thus, the ratio is augmenting in Illinois, and decreasing in Missouri.

At that point in the road passing was easy, and the runabout surged by without decreasing speed.

The supply of oak and mahogany is decreasing so rapidly that the necessity for a substitute seems inevitable in the near future.

Possibly some of them were caught in isolated decreasing areas of forest surrounded by steppe or plain.

Clinal variation, from north to south, is shown in the decreasing length of the nasals.