Decreed [verb]

Definition of Decreed:

order rule or action

Synonyms of Decreed:

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Sentence/Example of Decreed:

The source familiar with the investigation said it is significant the complaint was filed in San Francisco, and that Individual X signed a consent decree.

A federal court decree maintains that the government can only detain migrant children without their parents for a period of up to 72 hours before passing them on to a network of shelters and foster care.

The 2-to-1 decision issued Thursday voided part of a consent decree approved after a citizen’s group had challenged the state’s counting timeline.

You might be unconvinced by her argument that a recent law giving Orbán the power to effectively rule by decree isn’t a power grab, but she’ll keep at it.

Its primary tool—so-called consent decrees—don’t allow the agency to impose fines for a first offense and, when a company violates those decrees, the penalties haven’t been enough to change their behavior.

This August, the Justice Department terminated the decrees, which signals that a wave of innovation might be coming.

The French convention decreed that no quarters be given to British and Hanoverian soldiers.

After all, the penalties inflicted on the press, though not decreed by juries, were somewhat more severe than those of to-day.

On one occasion they decreed that a certain man whom they considered in fault was to pay a fine.

That set the son, who had hitherto been acting just as custom decreed, thinking about things in a new way.