Decumbent [adjective]

Definition of Decumbent:

lying down

Synonyms of Decumbent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decumbent:


Sentence/Example of Decumbent:

The frond is long and narrow, and rarely rises erect, but usually is decumbent or reclined in position.

In this case the mule was found decumbent on a concrete floor.

These root-like fibres then branch out, sending out straight or decumbent articulated stems.

“A. elymoides,” weeping Mitchell grass; plant decumbent, the stems several feet long.

Some are attached by the whole length of the shell, they are then said to be decumbent.

VanGorder's and Bradner's records may also be the decumbent form.

I refer Higley and Raddin's record to the decumbent variety.

Many plants habitually propagate by means of decumbent shoots and runners.

The tiny blue to purple flowers of the Verbena are grouped in dense heads on decumbent stems.

Palpi long, slightly decumbent; third joint a little shorter than the second, with which it forms an obtuse angle.