Dedicated [adjective]

Definition of Dedicated:

loyal, hard-working

Synonyms of Dedicated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dedicated:

Sentence/Example of Dedicated:

I zone out in the process of taking the sunflower seeds apart, bringing me to a plane of consciousness shared by dedicated fly fishers, knitters, and meditators.

Change is always hard and requires daily commitment, but we as a company are dedicated to doing the work.

It also launched a business designed to help companies manage an ecosystem of millions of connected sensors and devices, in part through dedicated software that Arm would maintain.

OZY is always dedicated to bringing you what’s new and next, with fresh perspectives to get you out of our bubble and out of your comfort zone — and it’s more important now than ever.

We found some great options for the dedicated home chef, to perfect their cooking, baking and grilling.

Furthermore, there’s an ad touting the partnership as well as a dedicated virtual showroom on the marketplace.

With a team of more than 100 dedicated journalists, ProPublica covers a range of topics, focusing on stories with the potential to spur real-world impact.

Along the way, you’ll granny-gear it up Danseys Pass through the 5,000-foot Kakanui Mountains, soak in hot springs, and tuck along portions of the Alps 2 Ocean Trail, a dedicated bike path from Mount Cook to the Pacific.

Working out at home is the best alternative to going to the gym, but if you don’t happen to have a dedicated space for it, chances are your living room will start to smell.

The idea is to build a cheaper test that doesn’t involve a dedicated instrument — just a paper strip and a signal detectable by eye.