Deduce [verb]

Definition of Deduce:

figure out, understand

Synonyms of Deduce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deduce:

Sentence/Example of Deduce:

Estimating the number of missed outbursts, the astronomers deduced the yearly nova rate.

Lili Torok, a Crisis Text Line senior data researcher, said that her firm’s machine-learning software tries to deduce when a person is at “imminent risk,” meaning they have expressed “suicidal threats.”

It puts out so much light that the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope should be able to deduce the atmospheres of the planets, giving researchers additional clues to how they might have formed.

She said that she deduced that my brother's grown son, who lives with his parents, was not invited to the wedding.

He deduced the difference, from the perspective of a quarterback, between a detail like a firm plant at the top of a route or a one-two stutter step.

This means you can’t look for ghost orbs via camera feeds in the van, so deducing which ghost it is will also be trickier.

The Port Commission voted overwhelmingly to reject the project’s environmental impact report, a move the Union-Tribune has deduced to mean it will not proceed.

Unlike Old World wines, New World labels also include tasting notes, which help drinkers deduce whether a bottle might match their palate.

Of the social animals, man presents the most complete type, and the one from which we can best deduce the conditions of the class.

That we are able from the hypothesis to deduce the known facts, gives only the affirmative instance, A B C, a b c.