Deduced [verb]

Definition of Deduced:

figure out, understand

Synonyms of Deduced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deduced:

Sentence/Example of Deduced:

From one of these, which may be considered as collateral primary meanings, it must therefore be deduced.

Edward received it in his camp, and in reply formally deduced his claim to the superiority, from Brute the Trojan.

From the uncertainty of knowledge derived through the senses, he deduced the twofold system of true and apparent knowledge.

He deduced the existence of God from the order and harmony of Nature, belief in which was irresistible.

Do you ask for a confirmation of the truths thus deduced from the denial of the supernaturalism of the Mosaic Code?

All other dimensions must be deduced from the table for single riveted lap joints.

And every arithmetical operation is an application of this law, or of other laws capable of being deduced from it.

Therefore, grammatical rules and definitions are, or should be, deduced from the language.

They are not general propositions collected from particular facts, but particular facts deduced from general propositions.

Marx deduced from his economic studies a confident and detailed prophecy of economic development.