Deeds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deeds:

He called upon the Order to show their title-deeds, but was met with a contemptuous refusal.

Next morning that glorious garrison quitted the shot-torn plain they had hallowed by their deeds.

"Monsieur de Garnache promised us some fine deeds on his own account," she mocked him.

He may have nothing to boast about himself, and his distorted mind may magnify the deeds of the younger man.

Perhaps at this moment his wife could hardly sympathise, when she thought of her boys emulating such deeds.

Some are on wood, some on porcelain, some on glass, some on dire deeds intent.

He shrugged his shoulders as if he were in the habit of doing deeds like that every day of his life.

If the critic repents his evil deeds, it is because something has happened to awake his remorse.

What this troubled old world needs,Is fewer words and better deeds.

Her character became insensibly molded to their forms, and she was inspired with restless enthusiasm to imitate their deeds.