Deem [verb]

Definition of Deem:

regard, consider

Synonyms of Deem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deem:

Sentence/Example of Deem:

Governments, too, may take action to boost domestic production of goods that are deemed essential or important to national competitiveness, reshaping industries in ways that market forces alone would not.

What is considered appropriate for women in one culture might be deemed completely inappropriate in another.

Denying justice to victims of police brutality is an inescapable outcome when the word of a law enforcement officer is categorically deemed more credible than that of a victim.

It helped that Target has been deemed an essential retailer by selling groceries and staples.

Thompson, for instance, said “a direct purchase was deemed not the best option for the city.”

The country’s central bank is proposing new laws to regulate monthly interest rates levied on loans by digital lenders in a bid to stamp out what it deems predatory practices.

Unless their jobs are deemed essential, people who can’t telework face a much higher possibility of cutbacks in hours or pay, temporary furloughs, or permanent layoffs.

While the initial hotels the city eyed were deemed not up to par, Faulconer spokeswoman Ashley Bailey said work has continued behind the scenes.

Now if this user claims something about blockchain, the system considers their subject matter expertise and deems their claim right for crawling, categorizing, and indexing.

Being deemed an essential service means you can stay open during the pandemic.