Deepening [verb]

Definition of Deepening:

make depth greater

Synonyms of Deepening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deepening:

Sentence/Example of Deepening:

Hayle Harbour was a branch of it, and he now suggested to Mr. Henry Harvey methods for deepening and improving it.

She lifted her eyes, with their color deepening, to find Mr. Towne sitting alone in his carriage looking down at her.

The mountain's shadow was over it and deepening fast, warning us to hurry before the road was lost in blackness.

A slight deepening of the red on his cheeks told eloquently enough that he did understand that.

He wheeled toward the deepening night, the torn and soiled blue robe clinging to him as to the figure of a primeval god.

She tried to turn a docile face toward old Kano; but the deepening glory of her husband's look drew her as light draws a flower.

Yet he knew very well that it was the stirring and deepening of his whole being produced by love that had impelled him to do it.

The afternoon of a summer's day was deepening into twilight, but the waning light sufficed to show the features of the occupants.

There was a deepening in the grey shallows of her eyes; they darted such light as comes only from the deeps.

The sufferer could hear the swelling tide of battle, the deepening rolls like waves upon the ocean shore.