Deeply [adverb]

Definition of Deeply:

completely, intensely

Synonyms of Deeply:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deeply:

Sentence/Example of Deeply:

She reasons that racism is “baked so deeply into the system that it’s invisible” to the actors within that system.

The catch, of course, is that she doesn’t actually get in — and while on a class trip across the country, she falls deeply in love with New York University instead.

Hard to imagine in this day and age, especially since my politics and work life are so deeply intertwined.

And, while it’s a very nice and deeply interesting study, it’s also got a long list of limitations.

Excited and not sure what to expect, Mellaart cut deeply into the eastern mound in 1961, roughly 200 meters south of where archaeologist Ruth Tringham later uncovered the skeleton of a woman whom she nicknamed “Dido.”

“It’s not so much what’s going on in her hair but deeper layers of scalp,” he said, noting that the extent of her healing depends on how deeply her dermis and epidermis have been damaged.

Now, however, scientists have better tools for isolating aperiodic signals in new experiments and looking more deeply older data, too.

I’ve seen some huge superstars be deeply affected by constantly consuming social media and taking in the opinions.

It’s a good first step but I hope that where we’ll go with this is to more deeply look into the customer impacts of such aggressive security practices.

I am deeply, deeply grateful, more than I can express right now.