Defame [verb]

Definition of Defame:

inflict libel or slander

Opposite/Antonyms of Defame:

Sentence/Example of Defame:

I hope to be able to teach you that it's one thing to defy a board of directors, and it's another to defame a respectable man.

They defame one another, and mutually treat each other as impostors and false teachers.

Yessum, she said a absolute piece of po'try what I would not defame my lips by repeating to you.

Their plan of life is to defame other people, and by this means proclaim their own superiority over other weak mortals.

Oh, you are wrong to defame St. Jeans; it is badly kept but it well keeps its famous ones.

Belike he is bribed to defame the poor lady, that the Dauphin may rid himself of a childless wife.'

I cannot conceive what that fellow has against me, that he should try to defame my character by such an accusation.

O accursed reason,How many eyes hast thou to see thy shame,    90 And yet how blind once to prevent defame!

O, my loved brother!Honour avoids not only just defame,But flies all means that may ill voice his name.

Canker's cheeks burned as he recalled how often he had permitted Gleason to defame Ray.