Defamed [verb]

Definition of Defamed:

inflict libel or slander

Opposite/Antonyms of Defamed:

Sentence/Example of Defamed:

Having infringed this politic law, he was put in prison, defamed, and driven from his benefice.

As an index of public sentiment in the community where the defamed and the defamer resided, I will state two facts.

Woe to me, wretched one, who hath defamed with my tongue the most beautiful son of Heaven.

The most beautiful passage in Marston's plays is the lament of a father over the dead body of his son, who has been defamed.

By these they were defamed as dangerous men, disloyal to their country and a disgrace to religion.

He was accused, in his attempted impeachment, of having defamed the character of the English clergy.

If we hear him defamed, or lightly spoken of, or see him ill-treated, it gives us pain.

Characters unduly exalted or defamed by party spirit are daily being set before us in their true, or at least in a truer, light.

Thoughtless writers have talked Lincoln's ancestry down, and careless biographers have defamed him.

And this was the man who had so ruthlessly, so cruelly, and so untruthfully defamed his own character.