Defeating [verb]

Definition of Defeating:

conquer in military manner

Synonyms of Defeating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defeating:

Sentence/Example of Defeating:

The Frenchman never withdrew his blade; but his very anxiety to make a hit was defeating itself.

Only a cool and daring man could have succeeded in defeating so many strong enemies.

But the incident always hung over him like a cloud, and was the means of defeating him for several responsible official positions.

The British were victorious, not only defeating the enemy, but capturing many of their standards, and most of their guns.

Having failed in defeating the measure in the whole, they sought to defeat it in its details.

Rodney headed the poll for Westminster, but Fox secured the second seat, defeating a ministerial candidate.

Themistocles, who saw through their designs, undertook the task of defeating them with their own weapons.

He intended to employ all the time and the utmost ability he possessed in defeating the atrocious plot of the miscreants.

To this guilelessness on their part must be attributed another strange method of defeating their evil designs on children.

All the force goes into the light, while mans devices for defeating darkness waste as much as ninety-nine per cent.