Defeats [noun]

Definition of Defeats:

overthrow, beating

Opposite/Antonyms of Defeats:

Sentence/Example of Defeats:

Thus the rapacity of Capital defeats itself, and actually impoverishes its owners when it deprives Labor of a fair reward.

The French army, so long accustomed to success, was absolutely demoralised by repeated disappointments and defeats.

Successive defeats, and the formidable front of the enemy, make it the more stimulating.

A short triumph will be followed by a deep mortification, and the selfishness of their aims defeats itself.

In Spain, this year two attempts at insurrection were made; but they were followed by defeats, arrests, and executions.

So, before he slept that night he had written a letter to Darrell, telling of his struggles and his defeats.

Harrison at once led his cheering soldiers against the enemy, and gave them one of the worst defeats of the war.

The obstinacy of this prince defeats, in ten successive trials, the divine omnipotence, of which Moses is the depositary.

But there is an electric sympathy in the air which defeats precautions.

Maximin defeats the Germans and drives them across the Rhine.