Defensible [adjective]

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Cheney’s position is both defensible and has been defended — but more than 60 of her colleagues voted Wednesday night to strip her of her role.

Using a challenge on that particular play, which wasn’t close to being overturned, was terrible judgment but defensible strategy.

A highly functional shot of protein, shelf-stable and cheap, it seemed morally defensible as long as it sported the logos certifying that it was dolphin-safe and sustainably fished.

Nicole Capretz, executive director of the Climate Action Campaign, said she expects the new board to finally develop a legally defensible Climate Action Plan that meets state goals to reduce carbon emissions.

So this dual focus has been made clear and is ethically defensible, which helps in garnering the support of citizens – who are, after all, the voters.

AB 392 raises the standards for when it’s legally defensible for an officer to shoot, and allows officers to deploy deadly force only “when necessary in defense of human life.”

Considering the modes of ancient warfare, Egypt was one of the most defensible countries in the world.

The result of this movement would of course be to bring the train into a compact mass and render it more defensible.

On the other hand, the Turks had just as much fear of entering there, for the position was eminently defensible.

By repairing the rents in the walls, Rome might yet be made defensible.