Deferred [adjective]

Definition of Deferred:

put off till a later time

Synonyms of Deferred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deferred:

Sentence/Example of Deferred:

Wells Fargo’s February settlement with the Justice Department includes a deferred prosecution agreement that’s contingent on the bank “continuing to cooperate with further government investigations.”

More than a century of deferred work, however, means it’s hard to get into places that need thinning.

On July 23, an anonymous foundation employee told Eater that the lengthy list of demands was “met with more gaslighting and deferred action.”

The report noted customer satisfaction scores may have been boosted by the fact that many callers were seeking deferred payment arrangements during the pandemic—and getting them.

That is until August, where digital ad revenue was up year-on-year due to the release of pent up demand or deferred campaigns.

All applications, including therein any on which action may have been deferred because in excess of the aforesaid 10 per cent.

The Annandale men deferred reply till the morrow, and slipped away to their homes overnight.

But on August 11, he countermanded the order for these ships and men, 'the King having deferred his expedition for the present.'

The cost of this conversion naturally increases the longer action is deferred, and in any case would be very great.

I had intended to make an excursion to the Lake Vaihiria, but deferred doing so, in order to be present at the burial.